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Extensive industrial experience to walk on your production floor and solve control issues when other people cannot figure it out.

Jack Hartline   

Motor Controls

Retrofit your old AC or DC drive without sacrificing quality or reliability.

Selecting the right drive is essential to getting the best performance and efficiency from an electric motor. A motor drive controls the speed, torque, direction, and resulting horsepower of a motor. Dc drives typically control a shunt-wound dc motor, which has separate armature and field circuits. Ac drives control ac-induction motors and, like their dc counterparts, control speed, torque, and horsepower.

Control Systems

Specializing in retrofitting older machinery equipment to improve productivity and efficiency. In an industrial setting difficulties are created without pre-evaluating the retrofit of older equipment and the complexity of integrating new equipment or software is often underestimated with problems occurring at start-up. A lot of the wiring and connections in older equipment are not well understood or document and you do not want to disturb something when you are unsure of the consequences. These problems are eliminated.

PLC Systems 

PLCs are built to last.  As equipment becomes obsolete, keeping your system up and running becomes increasingly difficult and expensive especially when products are discontinued or have drastically increased prices. Eventually everyone is faced with the need to upgrade and modernize their systems. Upgrading now also avoids the risk of crisis management and pricey downtime in the event of a system failure, or the hassle of trying to find replacement parts that are no longer in circulation.

Short / Long-term projects only. Continuing project support.

Not available for service calls.