• Specializing in retrofitting older machinery equipment to improve productivity and efficiency. In an industrial setting difficulties are created without pre-evaluating the retrofit of older equipment and the complexity of integrating new equipment or software is often underestimated with problems occurring at start-up. A lot of the wiring and connections in older equipment are not well understood or document and you do not want to disturb something when you are unsure of the consequences. These problems are eliminated.
    • Troubleshoot, evaluate and modify manufacturing control systems consisting of PLCs, VFD’s, DC Drives, various sensors, computer controls, HMI interfaces, and process instrumentation.
    • Evaluate and resolve equipment failures and operation problems.
    • Knowledge and experience with medium voltage (4KV) and low voltage (480V) AC Motors and Controls.
    • Experience with mechanical systems (e.g., gear boxes, line speed, chains, sprockets and size ratio, motors, seals, bearings, hydraulic systems, high pressure cylinders, pumps, valves, troubleshooting).
    • Develop control system, component specification, panel design, project management and start-ups.
    • Update existing electrical drawings or generate new drawings.
    • Support and train Maintenance personnel in troubleshooting, testing, modifying, and installing upgraded electrical equipment with new control technology.
    • Evaluate and resolve electrical distribution system issues up to 15kV switchgear: power quality, protection coordination, power factor, harmonics, sags, swells, transients, unbalances, nuisance circuit breaker tripping & fuse blowing.